What Are Wipes

In this generation wipes are the amazing inventions. A wipe is called as a wet towel or a baby wipe or a makeup wipe. Wet wipes are used for the hygiene cleaning, and household purposes. Although these wipes are use to clean the floor, tiles, toilet seats and the other purposes of home. Parents also use these wipes for the baby care , and for the clean the vomits of babies or for their hygiene or to clean the hands and faces.  Go here for more information about hand tissues 

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are used for the adults to cleanse the sensitive skin. They caused alcohol in these wipes which helped to clean the dirt. In on pack of wipes there are 80 pieces of wipes. This is very helpful for the people who are traveling in plains or in cards or in trains they can use these wipes easily or anywhere.

First company of this wipe product launch by the company called nice-pad. They make scented skin cleanser of napkins size cloth paper. The first wipe product specially marked as a baby wipes NZ called Kimberly-Clark appeared in market 1990. Most of the store made like k-mart and Walmart had made their private logos brands of wipes to sell their this product.

Pain relief:

They are also pain relief pads including alcohol and benzocaine. They are good for burns, dog and insect bites. They injured the pain and itching.

 Beauty wipes:

 There are different types of beauty wipes are mention below:

 Cleansing:garner clean+ refreshing cleansing wipes. They are used to cleans the dirt and oil in the skin to refresh the skin and helps to remove your makeup before going to bed.

Acne: dr- in skin care acne wipes they are used as a medicated wipes which are used to maintain your acne scars.


These types of deodorants wipes are good for traveling purpose which removes marks scratches of clothes.


It is hard to clean with lotion wipes .it will hydrate your shower easily.

Cooling: cooling wipes are used anywhere to cool and treat your skin to feel good.

Eye makeup:

These wipes are used to clean the tough eye makeup very easily. Simple eye makeup remover pads are affective.

Lips :

Cool and cool lips wipes are very good to keep the lips soften and keep them fresh and rehydrated everyday.

Nail polish:

Nail polish wipes of miniso campany it is japanese brand they are very quick and easy to remove the nail polish in seconds. It also helps to remove the glitter nail polish easily.


Fragnance wipes of sephora are really good and pocket friendly. These wipes will give you a good sweet scent.

Wipes are very important and very easy thing in our life too keep yourself hygenic anywhere.